After Sales

At Schtec Makine, our most important advantage is the fact that all of our team members have long years of after-sales support experience. We know that after-sales support is the most important factor to strengthen our bond with Windows and Doors manufacturers, our customers. Obviously, we see it as the truth in all sectors. We are aware of the fact that this is a very well known principle by all PVC and Aluminium machinery manufacturing companies. At this point, it becomes important to provide the correct after-sales support, and doing so inevitably puts a company one step ahead of the others. In order to achieve this leadership in service and support, placing the knowledge, experience and customer relationships on the correct foundation is the most important criteria. In this sense, we have done our best to work with the right after-sales team from the beginning, and we have established partnership agreement with Muraplus who has over 10 years of experience in Windows and Doors Machines industry. Muratplus has important team members who are experienced in PVC window machinery, and some of those members are Vedat Apuhan, Ertuğrul Şimşek, Aykut Erguvan and Murat Tayfun. They are also known by us and our customers with their high technical capacity. They are capable of providing the best service to our customers for PVC processing machines and also for other models that our customers might have, as well. In light of all of the above, our customers will be able to use our high quality and high technology machines for many years under all circumstances by receiving the best service support in the the fastest way.