RS 225 Profile Screwing Center

Standard Features

  • Screwing operation process done simultaneously by two separate fully automatic screwing axis controlled units
  • Machine is fully compatible with Processing center in automatic operation
  • Servo controlled automatic positioning with 0.1 mm precision for each screwing position
  • Precision positioning at 0.1 mm accuracy by high-speed servo on the holder axis
  • Up to 8 pieces can be loaded on to the loading station
  • Screwing parameter data bank can be defined by the user for each profile (up to 10,000 profiles)
  • All machine axes are moved by hardened steel ball screw and rack-pinion gear system that provides accuracy and durability.
  • Data transfer by via ethernet connection, wireless network connection, USB interface or directly through the barcode reader
  • All error messages and system status information can be observed on the screen by using the HMI software program developed by the Schtec software department
  • Service, trouble shooting and trouble removal can be done by remote connection for the entire system
  • Beckhoff brand, high performance industrial PC operated by Windows XP Embedded system. Works between 0°C and 55°C without a fan. 15” touch screen display. (This feature valid when screwing center operates separately from the machining and cutting center)

Technical Informations

Power Supply: 400 V, 3ph, 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption: 6.8 kW , 17 A
Air Pressure: 6-8 bar
Air Consumption: 110 lt./min.
Min. Piece Length: 400 mm
Max. Piece Length: 4.500 mm
Max. Profile Height: 130 mm
Min. Profile Height: 30 mm
Max. Profile Width: 130 mm
Machine Height: 2.850 mm
Machine Length: 5.695 mm
Machine Width: 4.540 mm
Machine Weight: 1.820 kg