SSC 300 Profile Cutting Center

Standard Features

  • Automatic and rapid cutting of PVC profiles in different lengths
  • 5 profile pieces can be loaded on the machine with the cutting profile (max.length 6.5m)
  • Profiles automatically cut in the desired size
  • With 500 mm diameter saw can easily cut wide profiles
  • Automatic cutting of all angles between 45-135 degrees with 0,1 sensitivity via servo motors
  • Full precision in cutting lengths through servo system
  • Transfer of cutted pieces automatically to the output station
  • Adjustable saw progress speed
  • Automatic dust collection system sucks out all pvc dusts and removes wastes fast with 2 different carriers
  • File transfer by USB or ethernet network, remote desktop connection by WiFi or Ethernet connection
  • Central lubrication system reduces the time spent for maintanence
  • With remote connection method, service and connection to all automation systems to detect and solve problems
  • Barcode printer
  • Online diagnostic and troubleshooting via user friendly interface.
  • All alarms and machine faults are displayed on HMI along with solutions
  • 15” Touch Screen and high performance industrial PC with Windows XP Embeded system. This system can operate fanless between 0°C and 55°C.
  • Industrial PC Based Servo Control System ( Beckhoff )
  • Private HMI software developed by Schtec Software Departmant allows different kinds of window design program data files to be uploaded on this machine. 
  • Optimisation option can be enabled for each projects seperately therefore machine makes optimisation for waste profiles automatically.

Technical Informations

Power Supply : 400 V, 3 ph, 50-60 Hz 
Power Consumption: 7,5 kw,19 A
Air Pressure : 6-8 bar 
Spindle Speed : 2.800 rpm
Max. Profile Length: 6.500 mm
Maximum Cutting Length: 6.500 mm
Minimum Cutting Length: 370 mm
Machine Height : 2.200 mm
Machine Length : 14.500 mm
Machine Width : 2.000 mm
Machine Weight : 1.950 kg