ACR215 One-Spindle Copy Router

Standard Features

  • Opens tilt system channel, drain slot, lock cylinders and handle holes on Aluminium profiles
  • Working table can be quickly and easily positioned pneumatically at -90°/0°/+90°.
  • Pneumatic copying probe comes with three diameters 5/8/10 mm.
  • Pneumatic design that easily allows the spindle to stay in the required height position
  • Equipped with 4 mobile pneumatic clamps.
  • Milling process is done by a frequency controlled high speed motor
  • Router spindle speed is changeable via frequency inverter. (from 2800 to 6000 rpm)
  • One copy template for standard processing
  • 1:1 ratio pattern transfer into a profile from a template
  • Manual operation


  • Raw template that can be designed as needed
  • Cooling System for Aluminium profiles

Technical Informations

Power Supply230 V, 1 ph, 50-60 Hz
Total Power1,25 kw, 5,5 A
Air Pressure6-8 Bar
Air Consumption20 It. / min.
Router Spindle Speed6.000 rpm
Max. Profile Dimensions175×135
Machine Width1550 mm
Machine Height2100 mm
Machine Length1750 mm
Machine Weight400 kg