MT 250 Automatic End Milling Machine

Standard Features

  • End milling of the PVC and Aluminium transom profiles with high quality and precision
  • Automatic end milling process
  • Two different series of transom profiles can be processed automatically, no time loss, no need to change the settings nor the cutter set
  • Vertical and horizontal pneumatic profile clamping system
  • Adjustable saw blade feed speed
  • Easy working at different angles


  • Cooling system for Aluminium profiles
  • Hydro-pneumatic system for Aluminium profiles

Technical Informations

Power Supply400 V, 3 ph, 50-60 Hz        
Power Output1,1 kw
Spindle Speed3.000 devir / dak.
Max. Cutter Diameter160 mm
Max. Routing Height90 mm
Max. Routing Dept.30 mm
Max. Profile Width120 mm
Max. Profile Height90 mm
Air Pressure6-8 bar
Air Consumption20 lt. /min.
Machine Height1.240 mm
Machine Length1.070 mm
Machine Width860 mm
Machine Weight125 kg