SG 110 + MA 270 + MD 272 Electronic Digital Measuring Device

Standard Features


  • High precision cutting of PVC glazing bead profiles at 45°
  • Two glazing bead profiles can be cut at the same time with a specially designed mould
  • Adjustable mould system
  • Adjustable blade speed
  • Vertical pneumatic profile clampings system for high precision cutting
  • Manual Measurement system and profile support conveyor are standard equipment of the machine


  • 0,1mm precision cut capability with measurements entered via an WIFI connected ruler or via the operator panel
  • Special mechanical design with stepper motor controlled and linear slide bearing system provides high speed resistance and accurate and fast positioning
  • Operator panel with Industrial Windows CE operating system and PLC controller system
  • Data transfer in CSV format via WIFI connection or USB Port directly.
  • Parameters such as cutting length, number of cuts and item numbers can be edited and changed via the operator panel
  • Unlimited number of cut-lists can be entered, and each cut-list can contain up to 1000 cuts.
  • Can be used along with Glazing Bead Saw Machine, Single Head Machine and other similar applications
  • Height adjustment can be done easily for the machine for which it will operate with.


  • Digital ruler with 0,1 mm accuracy for measuring glazing bead profiles 
  • Measures up to 2 m with its special design (3 m with the extension part)
  • Measured data is transferred to the machine with WIFI and stored in the machine
  • Measured data is cut in the order it is received, thus preventing any confusion, and the used data is marked on the machine
  • The motions of the machine can be simulated visually through high-tech 16 million color TFT LCD operator




  • Barcode Printer 
  • Automatic digital measurement system and 3m conveyor (MA 270)
  • Digital Measurement System (MD 272)



Technical Informations


Power Supply400 V, 3 ph, 50-60 Hz                      
Total Power Output1,5 kw (0,75 kw x 2), 3.75A
Air Pressure6-8 bar
Air Consumption70 lt. /min.
Spindle Speed3.000 rpm
Saw Blade Diameter200 mm X 2 / Ø100 mm X 2
Max. Cutting Length3.000 mm
Min.Cutting Length230 mm
Machine Width1.210 mm
Machine Height1.040 mm
Machine Length550 mm (+ 4.775 mm manual conveyor system)
Machine Weight180 kg


Power Supply230 V, 3 PH, 50-60 Hz
Total Power6A NEMA34 Stepper Motor
Max. Profile Length3.300 mm
Machine Height1.400mm-1.500 mm (Adjustable)
Machine Width570 mm
Machine Length3.750 mm
Machine Weight192 kg