DCA 440 Servo Controlled Automatic Double Head Aluminum Cutting Machine

Standard Features

  • Cutting of Aluminum profiles with high speed and precision thanks to 3-axis servo system
  • Strong construction, lineer rail and sliding-bearing system for precise length and angle
  • Industrial PC Based Servo Control System, 10 touch screen (Beckhoff)
  • Ethercat based controlled drivers and high-torque servo motors
  • Remote desktop connection by way of Wifi or Network connection
  • File transfer via USB or Network
  • Central lubrication system
  • All error messages can be seen on the machine screen with the interface program which developed by SCHTEC Software R&D Department.
  • Remote connection method and problem detection and solution by connecting to all automation system
  • High angle accuracy thanks to cycloid gap free gearbox
  • Profile height automatically transferred from profile data
  • Automatic aluminum corner block cutting
  • Cooling system to cut Aluminium profiles
  • Hydro-pneumatic system to cut Aluminium profiles
  • The saw heads tilt automatically between 22° and 158° by servo motors
  • Machine can make single cuts
  • Adjustable saw cutting speed
  • Profile support conveyor is available on the machine as standard


  • Barcode printer system
  • 5 Axis. 2 servo systems can be added for saw cutting motion

Technical Informations

Power Supply400 V ,3 Ph ,50-60 Hz
Total Power7,2 kw 
Power Output of Each Motor3 kw
Diameter of Saw Blade550 mm
Saw Blade Speed2.800 devir / dak.
Cutting Length250 mm - 6.500 mm
Air Pressure6-8 bar
Air Consumption60 lt. / dak.
Machine Height1.935 mm
Machine Length8.100 mm
Machine Width1.950 mm
Machine Weight2.650 kg