SA 280 Sash Assembly Station

Standard Features

Different series of different sizes of doors / windows, all used tilt and turn accessories on the surface of the frame without using the meter and pen, adjustable to different profiles, without the need to form and pattern, enables serial and high-quality installation in a standard way

  • Sash assembly table
  • Automatic centering system of the sash
  • Automatic measurement system for espagnolette and scissors
  • Cutting punch for espagnolette and scissors
  • The automatic screwdriver, automatic screw feeding
  • Laser screw alignment system
  • Triple drilling holes for the handle
  • Semi automatic adjustable hinge drilling and manual hinge drilling
  • Screwing group
  • Milling channel for espagnolette
  • Shelf for accessories

Technical Informations

Total Power: 3 kW
Air Pressure: 6-8 bar
Air Consumption: 245 lt./min.
Minimum window width: 330 mm
Maximum window width: 2.500 mm
Machine Height: 2.030 mm
Machine Length: 3.255 mm
Machine Width: 2.010 mm
Machine Weight: 615 kg